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A place of discovery for modern-day nomads where traditions and craftsmanship are reflected upon and reinvented to look and feel completely fresh and of the moment  


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An Artyzen Hotel & Resort is a high-end lifestyle hotel. It is an artistic and cultural enclave where local or regional traditions relating to craftsmanship, cuisine, and culture in general are reflected upon then reinvented to create a contemporary design aesthetic and sensibility that weaves its ways throughout every aspect of the hotel.

No two properties are identical. We want guests to become acquainted with the cultural heritage of each locale so we collaborate with local artisans to infuse traditions of their celebrated craft into the design concept.  

On the dining side, we also reflect and reinvent. For instance, in the signature restaurant, time-honoured recipes are reworked and reinterpreted for modern palates and tastes with emphasis, of course, on locally sourced ingredients.

At Artyzen Hotels & Resorts, our staff or service "Artisans" are engaging – meaning they are a font of information on the craft-based designs of the hotel, the local heritage and current cultural highlights. And they are only too happy to share this information, in addition to seeing to guests' needs.

Central to the life of the hotel is the welcoming communal space, the "hive" that serves as a business, dining and living room area rolled into one, alive with activity from morning to midnight. Here guests can have a bite to eat, do a little work, admire the art, relax or just take in the scene like a local.

Each contemporary enclave of hospitality will feel a part of the community, be known for its all-encompassing and engaging service, and provide the modern-day nomad with a meaningful as well as entertaining stay.

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