Culturally nuanced
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Our Brands

Brands of distinction

Artyzen Hospitality Group’s four differentiated brands are uniquely positioned to deliver a rewarding, culturally nuanced guest experience that is engaging, enriching and meaningful.


Zitan offers cultural sophisticates the very soul of refined Chinese modernity. The brand draws upon the deep cultural and artistic roots of one of the world's oldest civilizations to inspire its elegant décor and inform its exemplary service.

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This high-end lifestyle hotel brand underpins its fresh new design aesthetic with a contemporary take on traditions and craftsmanship to give the modern-day nomad who wants an immersive local experience a meaningful and entertaining stay.

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A breakthrough in lifestyle hospitality concepts, Artyzen Habitat is a hotel brand that embodies the social and cultural vibes of the local community while leaving room for personal habits and preferences. Residents will appreciate the vibrant public spaces that can be dynamically redefined to accommodate co-working, social interaction, cafes and pop-up retail, to suit the different needs of the city.

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citizenM promises affordable luxury. It is a new breed of hotel built for the Mobile Citizen, which is where the name comes from. Mobile Citizens are frequent travellers who care about quality, luxury and design, but don't want to spend money on things they don't need, nor pay hidden costs for the things they do want, such as Wi-Fi and movies on demand.

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